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Coral Haven Spa Day - Paoli

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• Lavender Aromatherapy
• Perfectly Steamed Towel infused w/Lavender, Geranium & Lemon Mist

Your Coral Haven Spa Day begins with a rejuvenating 30-min session on our contactless Luxurious Zero-Gravity Electric Massage Chair, followed by a 15-minute session in our traditional custom-made sauna and a 15-minute session in our bubbly hot tub.
This is a private spa experience where you will enjoy all these amenities by yourself. 
Bathrobes and towels are provided. 
Please bring your swimwear and flip-flops/sandals.

Includes complimentary cucumber citrus water.

The Coral Haven Spa Day will last approximately 1 hour. 

99 per guest

*To purchase this service as a gift for someone else, please visit the Gifts Cards section.

** ID is required for every person entering our facility - please be sure to bring a photo ID and Credit Card used for booking to complete your check-in upon arrival.  

*** Please include your name or the name of the guests attending the spa day in the note section at checkout so we may properly greet you and/or your guest upon arrival.